Kitchen Worktops

We have a selection of high quality replacement kitchen worktops to choose from, available in many different styles and materials.

Our selection of laminate worktops includes the UK and Ireland’s leading worktop and accessories range. This collection includes a wide choice of designs, textures and materials for worktops ranging from breakfast bars to upstands. Duropal worktops are the ideal alternative for acrylic based, stone and granite worktops and range from Crystal Stone Quadra through to High Gloss and Standard Textures Quadra. Please ensure the delivery location is accessible for a large vehicle and an able bodied person is available to assist in unloading on the delivery day. Deliveries are to kerbside only. Every worktop is sealed along the front edge and underside. However please follow a couple of simple rules to prevent excess moisture causing potential damage to the worksurface and adjacent units. First make sure any appliance door seals are intact to prevent steam escaping in use. Secondly don’t open your dishwasher until it has cooled down. this prevents steam escaping and condensing on the adjacent units and worksurface. a baffle plate should always be installed above a dishwasher to protect the worksurface from heat and steam.

Our Quartz collection comes in various colour options. Quartz is virtually impervious to water, heat resistant up to an astonishing 295 degrees Fahrenheit and resistant to staining and scratching. It provides a practical hardworking surface for all applications. Send us your plans today for a very competitive Quartz worktop quotation.

Granite brings a total natural beauty with its variations in texture, colour and veining. It can be supplied in many different finishes and with its strength and low porosity it brings a hard wearing surface that is suitable and ideal to bring a stunning finish to any kitchen. Unlike many other surface materials, granite offers a prestigious look and provides durability. Granite is waterproof and stain resistant, ensuring its polished surface remains for years. Send us your plans today for a very competitive Granite worktop quotation.

Corian® is the original solid surface material. Created to last a lifetime it is a unique blend of minerals and acrylic which creates a stone-hard surface that can be shaped to meet any design or dimension. Corian® is an advanced composite of natural minerals and pure acrylic polymer. For further information on Corian® please read our fact sheet. Send us your plans today for a very competitive Corian® worktop quotation.

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