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How to measure for your kitchen doors

Measure the door:

Measure door across the rear face for greater accuracy. When you write down the dimensions, put the height first, then the width, this is the standard method for describing the size of a door. Measure each door and drawer, transferring the measurements to your rough drawing. Measurements should be in millimetres (mm).

A door that's hinged on the left as you face it is a left hand door; one that's hinged on the right as you face it is a right hand door.

Measure the cabinet:

A door should be 4-5mm less than the overall height of the cabinet and 4-5mm less than the overall width.

It is normal to make the door/drawer slightly smaller than the unit it is going to fit on. For example, a cabinet that is 720mm high and 500mm wide would have a door 715mm high and 495-496mm wide. This allows for a small gap around the door, otherwise all the doors and drawers would be touching.

We recommend you do a rough sketch of your units from the front, drawing the wall units above the base just as you see them. Do a drawing for each run of units and then list the doors and drawers you require to replace.

Now that you have correctly measured your cabinets, be sure to browse through our fantastic range of quality kitchen doors and accessories.