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How does a Nocalc limescale inhibitor work?

Nocalc limescale inhibitors are a fresh, patented alternative to water softeners that protects the whole house against limescale and soft water corrosion. The system was designed and manufactured in Holland and is revolutionising the way we treat hard water in the UK. Click here for brochure and here for installion instructions.

NoCalc works by dispensing a tiny, precision metered, amount of silico polyphosphate into the water as it enters the home. This forms a protective barrier around the calcium and magnesium in the water allowing it to flow freely through all the pipes and prevents it sticking to the surfaces and forming limescale. Nocalc treats the water with a patented dosing system and the beauty of this substance is that it is of food grade quality and 100% safe for drinking so, when digested, releases these much needed minerals into the body.

Nocalc is sold as a starter pack which contains all you will need to be up and running straight away. The pack contains a pre-filter, designed to removed the impurities from the water before entering the house and the complete dosing system. You also get all the brass connectors required for the installation.

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NoCalc Combi Pack
Price: £96.00 Inc VAT£69.00 Inc VAT (£57.50 Ex VAT)Save: 28% off
NoCalc Replacement Cartridges (twin pack)
Price: £96.00 Inc VAT£69.00 Inc VAT (£57.50 Ex VAT)Save: 28% off
NoCalc Starter Kit
Price: £360.00 Inc VAT£249.00 Inc VAT (£207.50 Ex VAT)Save: 31% off

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 Results